Where do I find custom conversions on Facebook?

To use custom conversions to optimize for All URL Traffic or custom events:

  1. Go to Events Manager.
  2. Click Custom Conversions in the top-left menu.
  3. Click Create Custom Conversion.
  4. Enter a name for your custom conversion.
  5. Optional: Add a description.
  6. Select your data

On the 17th of March, Facebook released their official solution to overcome 3rd party cookie blocking by integrating their Conversions API with Google Tag Manager. This is potentially one of the simplest ways to implement server-based tracking for Facebook ad campaigns, and could be the most robust low-code option available for a while. Given the security updates of devices and browsers, implementing CAPI will be the chance to improve the quality of your data and ad performance. Facebook has announced that the ROI of utilising CAPI is a 150% improvement in comparison to campaigns that only convert for traffic . Ad accounts are currently experiencing an approximate 25-35% increase in attribution performance with a CAPI installation, versus accounts that rely only on the browser pixel. Unfortunately, the Conversions API can’t completely replace the Facebook Pixel, as it doesn’t show a user’s entire customer journey, but rather collects data from the final moments.