How To Know Which Auto Body Shop To Go To?

The worst thing about the car body shop business is its volatility. There is a mercurial difference between prices quoted by two different shops. Why is that so? Which one is better? Is it okay to choose the cheaper among the lot?

It is important to answer these questions in order to get the best service for your car. Cars like Tesla are especially in need of excellent services due to their superior build. Here are some tips to choose the best in your budget:

Word of mouth is the best publicity

This is simply basic marketing 101. Anybody can have the cash to advertise a lot through different mediums; however, the one who is recommended by your friend or acquaintance might be the real winner. To win the confidence of a customer enough for them to recommend you to others is the best marketing a shop can do.

These are usually not the best-known shops in the area. They don’t have marketing gimmicks on the internet. However what they have is value for money services. The owner might themselves end up repairing your car.

The overhead of the company due to location matters

When the car repair shop is located in a posh location, chances are that their overheads due to rent, staff hired and other stuff are quite high. This could result in the hourly labor rate to be quite high, while the service still remains essentially the same. Even a bit higher labor rate can really dent a hole in your pocket. The larger shops have to charge these higher rates in order to meet expenses. Shops with extra personnel like managers, front-desk people, and foremen instill a sense of security about a shop in some, however, they are not directly related to repairing cars. Choose wisely hence. Also look for a shop that gives you prior estimate to the time taken to repair a car if they are charging hourly. If they seem unsure about the time, they can get away with charging for higher than needed hours.

Compare and choose

The best way to avoid being duped by someone is to get several quotes from different repair shops in your area. You can get rough estimate quotes online too if you enter the damage that is in your car.

If the owner claims to match the quotes, then get some quotes and see if it works. However, don’t compromise on the quality either. Some people might be charging suspiciously low rates. Stay away from such repairmen. Because they might be avoiding some crucial work that can cause you major problems later on.

Ask questions

Don’t just go to a shop and start paying them money for anything that they might throw at you. Ask if they are comfortable giving written warranty for the repair. How long will the warranty cover be? What are the terms and conditions of it?

The minimum that is offered is a warranty of one year. The warranty might be different for different services availed. There is a different period for warranty for bodywork and paint jobs. A shop that offers lifetime warranty is definitely up to something fishy. The number of conditions that are levied on to the user is simply not doable and in effect, they are pretty much useless.

Does the shop have provisions for fire and theft insurance? Whose responsibility is it to replace your car if it gets stolen, damaged or completely wrecked in the premises of the shop. Ensure that the shop has a business license and ask how long have they been running the shop.

What is the type and quality of materials that the shop employs generally? Which of the following kind of parts going to be used – new, used or aftermarket body parts and remnants. The best alternative is the usage of new parts, though they can be a bit expensive. Used parts are doable too but they don’t offer the cost-benefit ratio people generally expect. The best part about aftermarket parts is that they offer huge discounts and can be very good for your car.

Ask how many are the number of coating and paint jobs that are covered in the warranty or the repairing service.

Trust your guts

You can be assured about the shop only if you visit it once. Trust what your inner intuition is telling you about the shop. If there are fewer crowds even on a working day, then you probably should not opt to take your business there. The customers might have certain apprehension in visiting the shop. Certain obvious red flags are a cluttered or disorganized top-down managerial approach. The behavior of the guy sitting at the desk is also influential in people making their decision. Are they not properly answering questions at all?

What especially demarcates the type of service offered is the brand whose repair shops it is. Tesla vehicles have been used to demonstrate the quality assurance that comes with a Tesla product.

To get the best advanced structural aluminum casting, extrusion and stamped panel technology that is combined with the optimum aluminum welding and adhesive bonding technology, you should go to a Tesla repair shop.

For repair of cars on head-on collisions, Tesla has got a repair center with well-trained personnel at the following cities

For light collisions, check out these Tesla authorized auto body shops in:

The conclusion that you can draw is that there are a lot of options available for you to tend to your car but you should choose an option that is recommended by the localities and whose prices are reasonable enough to get your car repaired. Choosing a Tesla car repair shop is a prudent decision if you own one because of the niche services that they offer for their cutting-edge cars.