Vision 2012 and Beyond

City is redefining itself and expanding its scope of work as it enters its second decade.  This redefinition responds to:  (1) recent changes in organizational and community leadership; (2) completion of past plans and key funding agreements; and (3) changes in community need. This recalibration also responds to lessons learned throughout a decade of community service and from practitioners and researchers engaged in similar work in other communities.

City has learned that collaboration is an emergent quality of a robust and healthy community network, comprised of people, practices, policies, and resources that promote positive change.  Therefore, City will:

–Expand its scope of work to focus on developing robust and healthy networks of people, practices, policies, and resources.

–Infuse resources that will transition from financial resources alone to include knowledge, data, and human resources that can expand and enhance the quality and impact of networks in each service area with an emphasis on financial resources.

–Look to further refine and test a new “platform-style” method for collaboration, which it has developed over the last 10 years.   This approach involves providing a set of services and interventions, through a semi-autonomous infrastructure, managed by City .

–Broaden its support platform (intermediary services) for corporate, foundation, and individual investors who wish to make an immediate impact on the region.  The organization will support these funders by helping them identify key network areas where the most impact can be made, advising on how best to invest, then administering the investments on funders’ behalf.

–Aggressively pursue opportunities to link with and learn from institutions of higher learning, from the University of Michigan to Wayne State and Wayne County Community College District to Michigan State and Stanford; and on to the University of Chicago and beyond.

For a more comprehensive understanding of City ’s new vision for community resource development and collaboration, be sure to read Emergent Collaborations, Networks, and National Resource Development: An Evolving Vision for City . Or, for a visual diagram of the agency’s planned programs and services, open the attached program diagram.